Pokemon Dusk White and Dawn Black are all new sequels to Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 for the Nintendo 3ds. It is planned to be released in Winter of 2018. There are many additions in these sequels, including 97 new pokemon, ten of them are eeveelutions. And new locations discovered in the Unova Region

Unova.... 20 Years later... Edit

Twenty years has caused many changes in Unova,The region has been majorly expanded, more than twice the size it was twenty years back. Your journey begins playing as 10 year old Max or Julie. Max/Julie is actually the child of Hilda and Hilbert from B&W! The player starts in a place known as Anville City, which is Anville town, but it has been majorly expanded and is now one of the biggest cities in Unova. It also is the sight of the 1st gym in the game-A new Steel type gym led by a girl named Ira.

Burgh, Cheren, Roxie, Clay, Drayden and Skyla are no longer gym leaders.

Drayden and Clay sadly passed away

Burgh has now became the mayor of Castelia City

Cheren is now one of the Elite 4

Roxie has become a full time guitarist

Skyla is now head of an airport in Sinnoh

Grimsley, Caitlyn and Iris are no longer members of the Elite 4.

Grimsley has joined Team Plasma as an Admin as well as Caitlyn who has done the same

Iris is now training in an unknown location

Cheren replaces Grimsley and Zinzolin has replaced Caitlyn

The Gymleader Order has now majorly changed, it is as follows:

Ira, Martin, Kayna, Marlon, Sadie, Richard, Elesa and Ferras

Ira-Ira is a Steel-Type gymleader, and resides in Anville City. She is the daughter of Roark from the Sinnoh region and is the first gymleader you fight

Martin-Martin is a Flying-type gymleader and the gymleader of Eastwell Town, a small town north of Anville City. He used to be a sky trainer but then became a gymleader. He fights with many strong flying types and is the 2nd gymleader you fight.

Kayna-Kayna is a Fire-type gymleader and the gymleader of Smoky Mountian Village, a village on a mountian, north of Iccirus City. She is also the sister of Richard and you fight them both in the postgame. She is the 3rd gymleader you fight

Marlon-Marlon is a Water Type gymleader and one of two gymleaders returning from B&W/B2W2. He is still the gymleader of Humilau City but he is significantly older. His gym is in the same area but it is completely remodeled. He is the 4th gymleader in the game

Sadie-Sadie is a Dark type gymleader and the gymleader of Alsimorria Island off the coast of Undella Town. Sadie's gym is in a run down "voodoo mansion" and she fights with dark types, She is the 5th gymleader in the game

Richard-Richard is a Rock-type gymleader and the gymleader of Lentimas Town. He runs a small ranch and eventually became a gymleader. He is good friends with Skyla and the brother of Kayna, you can battle them both in the postgame. He is the 6th Gymleader in the game

Elesa-Elesa is no longer a model, instead, she has devoted her time to training her pokemon to become strongest trainer in Nimbasa City. She is still the gymleader, but now, the amusment park is now huge and her gym is under the amusment park in a secret area that you enter by activating hidden panels. She is the 7th gymleader.

Ferras-Ferras is a Normal-Type gymleader and the 8th and final official gymleader in the game. Not much is known about this mysterious man, but his gym is in Nuvema Town, which is now Nuvema City, he is known to prove trainers who think that normal types are weak, extremely wrong.

The game's creator has also confirmed that at least 12 unofficial gymleaders will be challengable in the game's postgame. Although most of them are unknown, he revealed that one of them is a poison type gymleader and their gym is in the Castelia Sewers and another is in the ruins of the Rt. 4 City, these are the only confirmed Unofficial gymleaders, but according to a secret message in the trailer revealing Veruca (The Castelia Sewer leader) and Marley (The Rt. 4 leader), there may be a gymleader on Route 10

The Elite 4 Battle Order has now majorly changed, it is as follows:

Cheren-Cheren is the 1st of four Elite 4 members that you battle. Instead of using normal types, like he did in B2W2, he now uses fire types. His chamber is a rollercoaster ride through a volcano. His outfit is very similar to his B2W2 outfit, but it is red, he also has a different hairstyle and wears glasses.

Shantaul-Shantaul has still been the ghost type E4 for 20 years, she is pretty much the same except for a clothes change and a team change, she is mostly the same. Her chamber takes you through a haunted house with trick paintings

Zinzolin-Zinzolin is no longer an admin of Team Plasma, he decided to use his strength for good, so he became a member of the Elite 4. He wants to see if trainers are strong enough to defeat the team he was once part of. He trains poison types and he is the 3rd of 4 Elite Four members.

Marshal-Marshal is still the Fighting type member of the Elite 4 and the fourth and final member. He deeply swears vengance on Caitlyn and Grimsley for joining Plasma. His Elite 4 chamber is a giant boxing ring that you are taken to by smaller boxing rings that are on monorails.

Harmonius-Harmonius is a strange man and the Champion of Unova, but this man is actually N! He changed his name and went undercover to help make unova better. His true identity is revealed at the end of Pokemon Dusk and Dawn where you battle him

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