The Unova Region is a very large region and the region in Pokemon BW, B2W2 and DBDW. It is incredibly diverse with huge deserts, snowy fields, giant forests and craggy mountians. In the time between Pokemon Black/White and Dusk White/Dawn Black, the region has nearly doubled in size. In B2W2, the region had 19 major settlements, 31 places of intrest, and 23 routes. In this game, there is 34 major settlements, 46 places of interest and 52 routes.

Towns and Cities Edit

Nuvema Town Edit

Nuvema Town is the first town in Unova in B&W. Hilda/Hilbert, Cheren, Bianca and Juniper lived in this town. It is connected to Rt 1 and on the South East coast of Unova. Professor Junipers lab can also be found here. In B2W2, the player starts in Asperita City and doesn't visit until post-game. In DWDB, the town is now more advanced and referred to Nuvema City

Asperita City Edit

Asperita City is the very first city in Pokemon B2W2. It has a pokemon center, a pokemon gym and many miscellaneous buildings. It's gymleader is Cheren. In Pokemon Dusk Black and Dawn White, you can go here after reaching Castelia City by a boat.

Anville City Edit

Anville City (Known as Anville Town in B/W and B2/W2) is the starting town in Pokemon Dusk White and Dawn Black. The city has nearly tripled in size since Pokemon Black and White, but It still has that old charm and feeling. The train system is bigger than ever and a new gymleader named Ira now is here

Floccessy Town Edit

Floccessy Town is a small town located in SW Unova. It was home to the former champion of Unova, Alder. Floccessy Ranch and Oath Woods lie near the town

Virbank City Edit

Virbank City is a large polluted city in South Western unova. It is home to Pokestar Studios. In B2W2, there was a gymleader named Roxie that trained poison types. Now, there is no pokemon gym. The Virbank Complex is to the south and there is a port where you can take a boat to Castelia City.

Accumula Town Edit

Accumula Town was a small town north of Nuvema Town. In BW, you learned about the pokemon center here from Professor Juniper, you also meet Team Plasma. In DWDB, the town is much bigger and more advanced. It is also the only place where the pokemon Hullulboo is found!

Straiton City Edit

Straiton City is a fairly large city and the 1st city you go to in Pokemon BW. In BW, there were three gym-leaders: Cilan, Chili, and Cress. The one you battled depended on the pokemon you chose as the starter. It is west of the Dream Yard. On Tuesday nights, many hordes of Stunfisk appear. In DWBW, you reach Straiton City by a train beacuse Orcharde Town, is north of it

Orcharde Town Edit

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